Are you on the bus? Examining perspectives of supporting student success


In the book, Good to Great, Jim Collins uses the metaphor of the bus for discussing the importance of having committed people in order for a company to move from being “good” to “great.”

Recognizing that the people who work with students can be some of the most important assets of any college or university, it may be worth inquiring who’s on your institution’s bus? Are new staff members more optimistic than their colleagues in terms of how they perceive their area’s efforts to support student success? Does it matter in what functional area of student affairs and services a person works? How does your college or university go from being good to great?

The Supporting Student Success research team is excited to be part of the “Research in Student Affairs” webinar series being sponsored by CACUSS. Using data from staff members representing 24 institutions across Canada, we will examine these questions and discuss their implications for student affairs and services practice.

The webinar titled “An Investigation of Student Affairs Professionals’ Perceptions of their Department’s Undergraduate Student Retention Effort “will take place Monday, March 21 at 1:00 pm (EST). You can register for the webinar here. We hope you join us.


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