Submit your Canadian Student Affairs Sponsored Program Session for #ACPA16

The 2016 ACPA Convention in Montreal is the first time it is being held outside of the United States. One of the main features of the program are the submission and selection of sponsored programs. Submit-a-Program-Proposal-Button-01-300x143These are programs which are chosen by the Commissions and Coalitions of ACPA. It is a way to ensure that the Convention program that reflects the ACPA community. With 2016 Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the Convention team has allocated 5 sponsored sessions to the specifically to focus on Canadian content. But we hope that there are many, many more in the program.

For sponsored programs, we are seeking sessions that highlight the innovative programs, practices and features that make our work in Canada unique. We know great work is happening on our campuses across the country. We see it online, and every year at CACUSS. So don’t hesitate! Submit a program proposal for sponsorship!

Why Submit a Sponsored Program? A sponsored program gets extra  visibility among existing members of the Commission. Sponsored programs also get greater promotion to all conference attendees through dedicated and additional spaces in the conference program and web promotion. This visibility will expose your program to more people hopefully bringing even more attendance.

Submit a Sponsored Program. To have your program considered for sponsorship, start here when completing your program proposal

  • Under type of program select the ‘Sponsored Program/Co-Sponsored’ option
  • Then select ‘Yes’ in the next Sponsored Program
  • Then select” Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development” in the list of Commissions and Coalitions.
  • Lastly, after you have completed most of the program form, be sure to check Canadian Higher Education as one of your Keywords/Topics. This ensures your proposal goes into the sponsored route and is reviewed by those Canadian Student Affairs professionals

If your proposal covers multiple areas (e.g. Housing & Residential Life, Graduate Students and New Professionals) you can indicate co-sponsorship (by selecting Global Dimensions and the other relevant group). The co-sponsored option means we can sponsor more great work as it only counts as 0.5 of our 5 allotted spots.

Remember, proposals not selected to be sponsored programs will be reviewed for the general program! Submitting a sponsored program proposal effectively doubles the possibility for your program to be selected for ACPA 2016 in Montreal. Can’t beat those odds!! Don’t wait, begin preparing your proposal today.

Guide/Tips on Submitting a Proposal. You can find more information about the program submission process here and see a brief webinar about how to propose a session for ACPA 2016.  All program submissions for the 2016 Convention are due on Friday September 4, 2015.

With convention being in Montreal, and a growing number of Canadian student affairs professionals attending convention, we really want to highlight the amazing work that is happening on our campuses. We see it each year at Canadian conferences, on social media, in our publications. Now we have a chance to showcase our great work !

If you have any questions about the process, or want to chat about an idea you have for a proposal, please feel free to contact Jeff Burrow ( at any time. 



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