Do I Know You? Faculty/Student Affairs Awareness of the ‘Other’ March 7, 3:30pm TCC Room 12 #acpa15

Amazing how fast a year passes. We are less than a week away from the start of #ACPA15 in Tampa! Our team is really excited to be presenting a research paper called

Do I Know You? Faculty and Student Affairs and Awareness and Engagement with the ‘Other’

Saturday March 7 from 3:30 to 4:45 in TCC Room 12 Session 15

Whether you are doing some professional reading or chatting with colleagues over coffee, you have probably heard the refrain that we need more faculty and staff working in partnership to support students on campus. A great deal has been written about possible factors that inhibit partnerships between faculty and staff. These include the possible impact of differing values, training and education and of course formal and informal organizational structure. There is also a lot of discussion on what supports more collaboration like shared values & vision, and senior leadership support.

Our study takes a step back from these discussions. We hypothesized that it is difficult for staff and faculty to partner if they are not aware of the ‘other’. We wanted to learn more about how much staff and faculty actually know about the programs and services on their campus. Those who come to our session will learn about

  1. How often faculty and staff learn about the programs and services on their campus.
  2. How accurate faculty and staff are at identifying the programs and services that support student success on their campus.
  3. How often faculty and staff refer students to programs and services that support student success?
  4. How much faculty and staff report partnering across campus?

From anecdote to evidence — we think this is one of the first studies to examine to what extent faculty and student affairs staff know about and engage with the ‘other’ with a multi-institutional sample.

Our paper session also includes what I am sure will be a fascinating paper by Josie Ahlquist (@josieahlquist) Higher Ed Doc Student | Digital Leadership Researcher & Social Media Explorer who will present on A Leadership Framework for Social Media Use in Student Affairs.

Our team will also be presenting a session based on our research-based Blueprints for Student Success website and mobile application on Friday March 9:30 am in  MTW Meeting Room 10. This was developed to provide prospective (high school)BlueprintforStudentSuccess-1024x615 students with the knowledge and language necessary to navigate their transition to postsecondary education. Especially as we know that increasing prospective students’ awareness of these service areas, programs and initiatives is imperative in order for students to make informed decisions regarding finding a community and getting involved, excelling in and outside the classroom, and staying healthy & well as they transition to college and university.


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