Welcome to the Official Launch of Blueprints for Student Success!

Press Release

The Supporting Student Success research team would like to introduce you to our newest venture in supporting students to achieve their academic and personal goals during college and university: Blueprints for Student Success (www.blueprintsforstudentsuccess.com).

The website developed out of findings from the Supporting Student Success project, a multi-institutional research study in which we examined the relationship between post-secondary organizational structures and cultures with respect to student success. With support from Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and the Connaught New Researcher program at the University of Toronto, Dr. Tricia Seifert and her research team interviewed students, faculty, staff and administrators at colleges and universities across Ontario about their perceptions of what influenced student success in post-secondary education. One of the study’s main findings was that students entering post-secondary education often have challenges navigating their institution’s programs and services. This can be due to a lack of information or visibility of the programs available to support student success or students simply failing to understand the role of specific offices on campus. To learn more about our study visit: www://supportingstudentsuccess.wordpress.com.

These findings prompted us to develop a website that would fill-in this gap and provide students with a vehicle to learn the language of post-secondary education and develop an awareness of the programs and services designed to support their success before beginning college or university. Our primary goal for the Blueprints for Student Success website is to introduce students to the area on college and university campuses called Student Affairs, Student Services, Student Success, Student Life and/or Campus Life. Whatever it’s called, this group of people, programs and services assist students in registering for classes, starting a club, working on a difficult class assignment, talking about a stressful situation, consulting a doctor, and much more. Many angles are needed to create any blueprint and this is particularly true in drafting a blueprint for success in college and university.

We believe that students’ blueprints include their interactions and relationships with college and university staff, advisors, counsellors, faculty and peers; and the people they get to know through study groups, learning skills workshops/programs, co-ops and internships, leadership opportunities, peer helper programs, employment on campus, living in residence, student government, clubs and sports. Accordingly, our website is comprised of five component parts that when utilized together will aid students in creating their very own blueprint.

  1. Defining Student Services introduces students to the key support areas on post-secondary campuses.
  1. Interactive Student Service Guide showcases the common service areas in place across college and university campuses (Administrative Services, Academic Support, Campus Life, Health & Wellness, Personal & Professional Development, and Diverse Communities). A description of the specific services that make up each area is provided alongside a prompt about when to visit. Suitable questions students may ask upon visiting and speaking with staff are also provided.
  1. Involvement Opportunities Posting Board highlights inventive initiatives and programs currently in place at colleges and universities with direct links to each initiative/program homepage for more information. New initiatives and programs will be featured each semester.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions Slideshows provides tips and advice current college and university students wished to share regarding: choosing a college and/or university, the benefits of living in residence, available medical and health care, academic support and getting involved.
  1. Experience Videos features existing opportunities at colleges and universities and student experience videos documenting the various ways students choose to frame their educational blueprint.

We encourage you and your students to check out the Blueprints for Student Success website! Sharing this resource widely will ensure current students and those preparing for college and university learn about the service areas designed to support their success. In addition, please download our advertisement card and brochure for dissemination and advising purposes.

We hope these resources will be useful as you discuss present and future opportunities with your students!


Tricia Seifert
Primary Investigator, Supporting Student Success Research Project
Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Ontario Institute of Studies for Education
University of Toronto
Email: tricia.seifert@utoronto.ca
Research Blog: www://supportingstudentsuccess.wordpress.com
Twitter: @CdnStdntSuccess
Facebook: Supporting Student Success

Christine Helen Arnold
Youth Outreach Coordinator, Supporting Student Success Research Project
Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Ontario Institute of Studies for Education
University of Toronto
Email: c.arnold@utoronto.ca


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