Youth Outreach Project: Introducing Blueprints for Student Success

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The Supporting Student Success research team would like to introduce you to our newest venture in supporting students: Blueprints for Student Success.

Throughout our visits to Ontario college and university campuses, we have heard staff, faculty and students discuss students’ knowledge and use of programs and services available on campus that support student success. Students informed us that often their understanding of these programs and services resulted from random discovery, learning from their peers, and faculty referral during moments of crisis or need. What we heard is that students often don’t know where to go, who to ask questions, or how to get support. Students go to college and university with the intention of building their knowledge base and resume for the future but lack the blueprint of how to do so.

Using research from the Supporting Student Success study, we are currently developing a youth outreach website for high school students entitled, Blueprints for Student Success. The site will contain a blueprint or framework of the program and service areas that commonly exist on postsecondary campuses to support student success; what these program and service areas typically do; suitable questions students may ask upon visiting each area; and inventive initiatives and programs currently in place. In addition, the website will feature a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, student experience videos and weekly news articles and feature pieces for high school students.

This is where YOU come in. We know that you interact with postsecondary students on a daily basis and frequently here the trailing comment, “If only I knew that before. . . .” So given that hindsight is 20/20 and there is much to be gained by “paying it forward,” we invite you to help us develop the FAQ portion of the Blueprints for Student Success website by asking students with whom you connect (in person or virtually) to respond to the following question:

1. What factors should students consider when choosing a college and/or university? When choosing a program of study?

Students can leave a comment below (, tweet (@CdnStdntSuccess #BLUEPRINTSQ1) or post ( their answers to one of our media channels.

Alternatively, you can collect student responses and post them as a group in the comment section below.

We will release a new question each week (5 weeks total) for feedback and will use the accumulated responses to populate our college/university FAQ section.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance!

~ Christine Helen Arnold, (Youth Outreach Coordinator, Supporting Student Success research study)

2 thoughts on “Youth Outreach Project: Introducing Blueprints for Student Success

  1. Around the first question you posted on careers, the biggest issue we see is that students have not investigated what that career actually entails or have not had access to good information with over reliance on parents at the expense of other good sources of information. As we meet people as they seek program withdrawal they cite career indecision as the no.1 reason. I think this is often a cause of the anxiety issues we see on campus with students because they realize they are in a program or course of of study that is of little interest to them.

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