How Should We Measure Student Success?

Student Success: “Value” as in dollars and cents? Or “value” as related to merit and importance? We address this critical topic in our recent blog post in HEQCO‘s itsnotacademic blog.

Supporting student success has been at the heart of many recent media posts, academic circles, and recent conferences dedicated solely to the topic. Supporting student success has been the focus of our research and we have had the privilege of talking to stakeholders across colleges and universities in Ontario about how they perceive student success. We heard amazing stories about how people support students, how students perceive success, and most importantly how we can move towards a more holistic definition of success that extends beyond persistence and retention.

We recently partnered with Joe Henry, Associate Dean of Student Success at Sheridan College, and collaborated on a blog post for HEQCO‘s itsnotacademic blog. Sheridan College has been a leader in defining student success through a holistic lens and their perspective resonated with what we found in our own research.

We invite you to read our blog post and join the conversation about this hot topic. To read our blog post go to:


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