Call for Proposals and Reviews #acpa2014 Deadline September 5

In the last few years, ACPA has highlighted a significant interest and movement in understanding how student affairs and services practitioners and educators from around the world support student success. As such, ACPA Commission for the Global Dimensions of Student Development (CGDSD) invites you to submit a proposal and/or to become a reviewer for the 2014 Conference in Indianapolis.

Specifically the CGDSD is seeking out innovative proposals that address topics related to the global dimensions of student development. We encourage proposals on a broad range of international and global issues in post-secondary education that are relevant to the professional and geographic areas you live and work in. Some possible areas for proposals include:

– The practice(s) of student affairs world globally

– Interesting/innovative work on education abroad and/or international student programs

– Examples of intercultural competence development (at home) initiatives

– Ideas and discussions on working with diverse populations of students

Why Submit a Sponsored Program? A sponsored program receives additional visibility among existing members of the Commission. Sponsored programs also get greater promotion to all conference attendees though dedicated and additional spaces in conference program and web promotion.

Submit a Sponsored Program. To have your program considered for sponsorship, simply select the ‘sponsored program’ box when beginning your application. We have 5 dedicated spots in the 2014 program. If your proposal covers multiple areas (e.g. career planning for international students) you can indicate co-sponsorship (by selecting that option instead of sponsored) and choose the relevant commissions on the next screen. The co-sponsored option means we can sponsor more great work as it only counts as 0.5 of our 5 allotted spots. Proposals not selected for sponsorship will remain in consideration in the general program review.

Guide/Tips on Submitting a Proposal. You can find more information about the program submission process here and watch a great video on developing and submitting proposals to ACPA.

All program submissions for the 2014 Convention are due on Thursday September 5. 2013.

ACPA Seeks Program Reviewers. In addition to the call for sponsored programs, ACPA is also seeking members to be program reviewers. Reviewing programs is a great way to get involved with ACPA and to help shape the conference program by bringing your international perspective to the review process.  You can sign up here and please don’t forget to select”Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development” when selecting your interests.

By proposing sessions and becoming involved as reviewers we have a chance to advance the international outlook of this and the other professional networks that we belong to.

– Jeff

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