Research Findings Part 2: Faculty Perceptions of Student Affairs

Last week we shared a presentation delivered at #csshe2013 on “What Defines Student Success? A Multiple Choice Question.” The slides can be viewed in our post and downloaded here.

Today, we share slides from presentations which focused on Faculty/Student Affairs interaction – a seemingly hot topic at the #acpa2013 and #cacuss2013 conferences. Our presentation is called “Faculty Perceptions of Student Affairs and Services.” It is based on interviews with faculty about their understanding of the work of student affairs and services. We share quotes, pictures and a video (uploaded later) that highlight how faculty (sometimes called the ‘other side of the house’) perceive and what they know about the work of student affairs and services. The slides and the full notes can be downloaded here  from the “Presentations and Publications” tab.

As always, we hope this blog can be used as a place for dialogue. We are curious to know where you have found success in educating faculty about the work that you do and how you have learned about faculty culture and rewards structure.

– Jeff Burrow


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