Vegas Bound for ACPA #safaculty

Vegas Baby! Vegas! In just a few days we will be heading down to Las Vegas for the annual ACPA conference. ACPA, one of the largest student affairs and services associations worldwide, marks the beginning of a 3-month conference ‘sprintacpa13_logo’ that includes a criss-crossing of Canada and the United States, culminates with CACUSS in June in Montreal.

Having presented last year at ACPA on findings from Phase I of the Supporting Student Success study, this year we are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to present a new session titled

Are There Really Two Sides of the House? Faculty Perceptions of Student Affairs

This session is based on Phase II of our research where for the first time we spoke with faculty about how their see their institutions supporting student success. A review of past ACPA, NASPA and CACUSS conference programs did not show many sessions that looked at interactions beyond those ‘faculty champions.’

It’s likely that all of us have some degree of interaction with faculty, and we hope this session helps to present a broader and different perspective of what is sometimes a complex relationship. Often SAS staff discussed how they felt marginalized, and not respected or acknowledged for the expertise they have. This session uses our conversations with faculty members, but also drawings (yes, for the most part they were willing participants in our drawing exercise) really illuminated the range of faculty knowledge and awareness of student supports at their institution. Our session will be highly interactive, feature the world-premiere of some of our video features, and is a chance for professionals to consider and critique their own perceptions of working with faculty at their institution.

Are There Really Two Sides of the House? Faculty Perceptions of Student Affairs

Thursday, March 7, 2013
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Bally’s Las Vegas, Las Vegas 2

It seems each year there is a sizeable group of #SAcdn that go to ACPA or NASPA, but I am not sure there is a commensurate number of us who are proposing and giving presentations at these conferences. As someone who has reviewed proposals for ACPA, NASPA and CACUSS, I have no doubt that proposals from Canadian colleges and universities would be great additions to either ACPA or NASPA. Even better would be collaboratively developed proposals, involving Canadian, American and SAS professionals from around the world. Perhaps this is a topic for discussion at ACPA, NASPA and CACUSS.

We would love to see as many readers of the Supporting Student Success blog, followers of our twitter account in attendance at our ACPA session, and hope you will encourage your colleagues to attend, or follow along at #safaculty


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